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What is a Fiduciary?????

According to Black's Law Dictionary, fifth edition, the term is derived from Roman Law. It means a person holding the character of a trustee, or a character analogous to that of a trustee, in respect to the trust and confidence involved in it and the scrupulous good faith and candor which it requires. It goes on to state that this is a person having a DUTY, created by her undertaking, to act primarily for another's benefit.

This behavior requires one to act prudently and solely in the best interest of others, in this case – you.

Here are three core criteria you should evaluate about the service your financial advisor provides:

  • Do their strategies create economic value?
  • Are your best interests considered on every decision?
  • Is it systemically responsible?

At Financial Strategies Unlimited we pledge to always perform in YOUR BEST INTEREST, not ours. To do this, your responsibility is to give us timely and accurate information pertinent to your financial and personal situations.

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